CQ Lists

This section shows the various CQ lists that are available. You must be a registered user to view the lists. Within each CQ list there is a button to click on to join or remove yourself from each list. You can also put all of your CQ listings on hold temporarily by clicking the appropriate checkbox in your profile settings. To reactivate your listings, uncheck the box in your profile and save your settings.

It is also planned to automatically place CQ listings on hold for an inactive account after a certain amount of time of not logging in to the site (perhaps 3 or 6 months). The user will be sent a notification e-mail with a link to click on to keep their listings active without needing to log into the site. The notice will also include the address and phone information they provided on the site to make sure it is up-to-date. If a user does not click on the link within a week of receiving the notice their listings will be put on hold automatically. Another e-mail notice will be sent to them to inform them their listings have been placed on hold. For a user to reactivate their listings they would simply need to log in and remove the hold in their profile settings. This would help prevent old listings from remaining in the CQ lists and automatically remove listings for silent keys.

Join this list if you would like to be a general recipient of radiograms. When receiving a radiogram you would simply log it and if receiving HXC handling instructions send a radiogram back reporting the date and time delivered.
QSO Contact
This is a list of amateurs seeking QSO contact by radiogram. You could include a brief message about yourself or the area in which you live and then the other person will respond back to you with another radiogram. You could also possibly include a query for the other person about where they live or asking what their favorite activities are in amateur radio.
Join this list to receive radiograms from other amateurs wishing you a happy birthday. Your birthday must be set in your profile settings to join this list.
Trivia Queries
Send a radiogram with a trivia question and receive the answer back by radiogram. You do not have to know the answer to the trivia question to participate, but can look up the answer on the internet.
SET & Test Welfare
Volunteer to be a recipient of SET or Test Welfare messages as part of an exercise or from a practice disaster shelter.
Special Events and Conventions
Receive a radiogram greeting from special events and amateur radio conventions or hamfests.
If you would like to play a chess game with another amateur by sending chess moves by radiogram, join this list.