The Radiogram CQ website is a database for amateur radio operators to "call CQ" to receive and exchange radiogram traffic. It also provides resources for generating traffic from the FCC database such as for new amateur radio licenses, license upgrades, and new vanity callsigns. It is also intended to provide resources on traffic handling and tools for traffic nets.

You can register on this site by clicking on the register link in the top right corner. If you have any ideas or suggestions for the Radiogram CQ website or if you have any issues using the site and need to contact an administrator, you can send an e-mail to radiogramcq (at) Please check back again for more updates on the website.

Here are a few radiogram sites you may be interested in:

Radiograms Yahoo! Group
From the group's site description: "The purpose of this group is for the exchange of ideas on how to expand the use of routine radiogram traffic on the National Traffic System."

Traffic Ops Yahoo! Group
From the group's site description: "Talk about traffic handling, what it means to you and where it goes from here."

NTS Talk
From the site introduction: "The NTS Talk site exists to focus efforts to promote use of the NTS. Use NTS Talk to propose, discuss and promote ideas to put NTS to work."